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All the Things You Need to Deliver Your Dynamic Message Podcast Series

Alex Rufatto-Perry, Founder of Practically Speaking, joins me for a podcast series dedicated to helping you deliver your dynamic message. We knew that there was overlap in the work that we do with our clients, so we sat down together and let the tape roll to capture what happens when the public speaking and podcasting worlds collide.

Over the course of our conversation, we determined that Alex is the clarity and I’m the conduit. It’s fascinating to watch her drill down to the core of a message and then refine and package it. My role is in helping get that message out into the world with podcasting.

We recorded this series in one day. Truth be told, it took us a little while to really feel like we hit our groove. I’ve never collaborated on an entire podcast series with a co-host. I was nervous.

The gift of this project, and working with Alex, was watching each episode evolve as we talked through it and worked to refine our message. You will hear some of that process in these episodes. They aren’t all perfectly polished.  You might also hear some outtakes packed with giggles and silliness when you play the episodes out to the very end.

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PSA: Do Not Bogart the nuggets of wisdom you learn from this series. By sharing this series with a friend or colleague, you save some poor soul from having to sit through another mind-numbing PowerPoint presentation. Now get out in the world and do some good.

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