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How to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone and Start Recording Your Podcast

In this quick video I’m going to give you 3 ways you can actually use to start getting comfortable recording your podcast. I’m not going to say “Oh you just need to start” and then leave you out in “never never gonna start this podcast land” to try to figure it out for yourself.

Record a Conversation with a Friend

I’m most comfortable chatting with my friends. I started my podcast by interviewing people I knew so I could work on my interviewing chops and make sure I had the tech figured out. This is a great starting point because you aren’t thinking about trying to impress your guest with your awesome interviewing skills.
You’re just having a conversation with your buddy. This allows your creativity, your ideas, and your personality to come out. I just had fun with it. My first interviews SUCKED, but I learned from them and honed my craft, and I’m still striving to get better with every interview.

Record a Client Coaching Session

CAVEATGet your client’s permission and discuss this with them before you record the session
This is one of my favorite tools because it captures the magic of you in your zone. You aren’t thinking about recording. Your focus is on serving your client and helping them overcome whatever challenge has been presented.
I have a client that didn’t want to start a podcast, but she had all of this valuable info to share, and she wanted to give potential clients an idea of what one of her coaching sessions sounded like, so she just recorded one.
Brilliant idea because she was killing two birds with one stone!
She created a powerful sales tool that allowed potential clients the opportunity to experience one of her individual coaching sessions.
We edited tat full session down to smaller clips where she addresses a single question. This allows you to create an audio FAQ that you an direct folks to on your website, or create an audio mini-series and use them as a lead magnet. The possibilities are endless!

Record Content You’ve Already Created

Record yourself reading a really great blog post that you’ve already written. Put the audio next to the text version and give your audience the choice to consume your content in the way that best serves them.
Record the next group presentation you give. Work smarter not harder. I encourage my clients to repurpose their content and share it in different ways because not everyone likes to read a long blog post, and not everyone has time to watch a long video, but folks are happy to listen to you on their way to work.


Now you have 3 ways to get yourself comfortable with recording.
  • Record a conversation with a friend
  • Record a client coaching session
  • Record content you’ve already created
Start using your voice. It’s more powerful than you know.
I would love to hear from you. Let me know what challenges you’re having and how I can help and send me an email.

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