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Your list has lost a subscriber. Ugh. WTF? OMG. Am I a loser? Do they hate me? Why would they unsubscribe from my email list? Do my emails suck? Is my content terrible?

All of these thoughts were running through my head last Saturday when 4 people unsubscribed from my list. I wasn’t too upset when I received the first two notifications. However, self doubt immediately seized the opportunity to make a charge as soon as I saw two more “unsubscribed” notifications resting in my inbox.

I have a choice

Then….I took a deep breath, let it go, and thought “Screw it.” I’m no longer their jam, and I’m ok with that. I choose not to take it personally.

That conscious choice to not take it personally saved the day. Why would I let my thoughts marinate in a pan of self doubt, imposter syndrome, and self loathing when I have a choice?

I wasn’t fully aware that I had a choice until a few years ago when a friend turned me onto The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. This book was an absolute life changer for me. I learned that I have the power to choose not to make assumptions or to take things personally. What a relief! If you haven’t already, spend a little time with this book. It’s a quick read.

Not everyone is gonna love you

It’s a sad truth, but not everyone is going to love you. Some folks will even go to great pains to tell you how much they don’t love you. It’s hard to ignore, but if you need to keep creating, you’re going to have to tune them out. I know. It’s easier said than done.

This year I’m on a mission to empower people to share their voices, to be seen, heard, and valued. My goal is to create content that empowers 1000 new people to start sharing their voices and ideas. That content includes The Brassy Broadcast podcast, YouTube tutorial videos on podcasting, and writing an occasional blog post.

I accept that when I put myself out there, my thoughts and ideas won’t resonate with everyone. That’s cool. I’m not creating for everyone. I’ll bet that you aren’t either.

I also accept that folks will come and go from my email list depending on where they are in their own journeys. I encourage you to do the same.

Oh, and the other bright spot in my “Unsubscribed morning” was learning that people will actually open emails on Saturday morning and take action.

If you want to stay in the know about the latest podcast episode, recommendations for other podcasts, and ideas for how to share your voice with the world, I invite you to get on my list. And if it turns out that I’m not your jam, I promise I won’t take it personally when you unsubscribe.

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