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This episode is one of experimentation. Lately I’ve become more interested in narrative style podcasting. The creative soul in me wants more than just an interview show. My vision is to create a hybrid that weaves interviews, stories, and sound design together.

It all starts with the story. Today I’m sharing one of mine. This episode is the story only. There is a companion episode that will follow this one. It’s my podcasting nerd version of the director’s cut. I’ll break down the production and share how creative decisions were made. It will also serve as a record for me to consult when I listen back in a year and wonder “why in the heck did I do that there?”. This is a benchmark episode.

I’ve chosen to share this story now as we head into PRIDE month. It’s a time of celebration and reflection in the LGBT community. We’ve come a long way thanks to the tireless work of those within the community and our allies. There is still much work to be done, but it’s nice to take a minute to celebrate, and who doesn’t love a fabulous parade.

Unfortunately, I know people that still can’t openly celebrate because they are closeted, but it goes much deeper than not attending a parade. They can’t be the fullest most glorious versions of themselves because they have to hide the greatest gift we are given as humans, love. They can’t openly share their LOVE. If you haven’t lived it, it’s hard to imagine.

I’ve also come to realize over the years that being out isn’t just about me. It also directly impacts my family and how they navigate their relationship with friends and family.

Here’s my short story. I hope that it helps you in some way, or at least shines a little light.

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