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BB71: Storytelling Radio and Podcasting with Producer Amy Gastelum

Radio producer and podcaster Amy Gastelum chats about producing for radio and podcasting, her experience at the Transom Storytelling Workshop for radio storytelling, and finding time to work on passion projects when you have a job and a family.

Highlights and Takeaways

  • You can be more than one thing
  • Amy’s experience at the Transom Storytelling Workshop
  • Why she didn’t tell anyone she applied for Transom
  • How producing her first story wrecked her emotionally
  • Feeling like you failed your story subject
  • The challenge of looking for the correct answer when there isn’t one
  • How she and her co-producer built trust
  • Creative podcast recording techniques for when you have kids and a day job
  • Give yourself permission to take a podcasting hiatus
  • Don’t compromise the passion in your passion project
  • Starting a radio group in Indianapolis
  • Creating space where people can share their creative endeavours
  • The Levels of Readiness for Change
  • Public media’s issue with representation

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