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BB78: Producer’s Cut and Recap of BB77 Mom Knows

In This Episode

This is a companion episode to go along with episode 77.  It’s the producers cut. If you haven’t listened to that one, and you want to hear it now, without me piping in with a comment, click HERE, and you will magically be transported there through the inter webs. Don’t forget to come back when you’re done.

I recorded this story using an Audio Technica ATR2100, plugged into my iPhone 6s. There is a USB camera adapter you can use to make it work.

Our recording space impacts the vibe of our recording. I wanted to feel small and restrained while sharing this story, so I recorded it while sitting in my walk-in closet, the tiniest walk-in closet known to man.

I stripped it down was because I wanted to make a point that you didn’t need $300 microphones and a fancy recording studio to make your art or share your voice.

Constraints breed creativity, and help us make better art. Use the tools that are currently available to you.

Stop using “lack of tools” as an excuse. I was listening to an episode of the Chase Jarvis podcast with Mark Ecko where they talk about this.

Use whatever hand me down phone, gear, laptop, or cassette tape recorder you can get your hands on. Stop making excuses and start recording!

Another constraint that I placed on myself was that I only used music that was available in the Apple Loops that come with Logic Pro X.

The Story Starting Point

I started with “Mom knows” because that seemed like the best place to set the hook in the listeners ears. I wanted to share a very specific moment in time. 

I wanted to drop my audience right in the middle of the problem at the beginning. I didn’t feel the need to give a backstory because I knew there were opportunities to sprinkle bits of it in as the story progressed.

Notes on Music

You’re just going to have to listen!

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