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Achieving Enlightenment in the Modern World Podcast Series

Amy Woodall joins me for this collaborative podcast series on Achieving Enlightenment in the Modern World.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines Enlightened as:

1freed from ignorance and misinformation 

2based on full comprehension of the problems involved

Enlightened Leadership

Many of our challenges as leaders, and as everyday people just trying to navigate this world, spring from ignorance, misinformation, and stories we make up in our heads. Those stories, combined with judgment and our emotional attachments often prevent our full comprehension of the problems we encounter. How can we most effectively and efficiently solve a problem when we don’t fully comprehend it?

The purpose of this series is to explore how meditation, mindfulness, and intentionality impact our leadership, communication, and influence. Amy shares a practice or two in each episode that can be used to bring mindfulness and intention to help us become more enlightened leaders.

Focus on the practices, not the achievement.

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