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Embracing Alignment and Expanding Your Professional Impact with Amy Woodall and Lindsay Boccardo

Amy Woodall, Lindsay Boccardo, and Jen Edds


This episode reminded me why I started podcasting. It was an opportunity to spend time with two of my most favorite people in the world while sharing them with you. It’s a win for everyone!

Amy Woodall and Lindsay Boccardo join me for this episode. They are both returning guests, but it has been more than a minute since we last chatted. 

You know those people that always make you feel better when you’ve spent time in their presence? That is how I always feel after spending time with these two! They leave me in better shape than they found me, even when I’m already having a fantastic day! I have a hunch they will do the same for you.

We are constantly told by the online business “experts” that we need to niche down. Amy and Lindsay are taking a more expansive approach to their podcasts and their work, and it is working for them. They share why they started their podcasts and what keeps them coming back. Spoiler Alert: It’s not big sponsorships and massive download numbers!

I intended to talk about podcasting, but as it goes with these two, our conversation goes deeper than just podcasting. We talk about alignment, mindfulness, authenticity, curiosity, playfulness, and of course, and how those things impact our podcast and how we show up. 

As we wrapped up the episode, I felt inspired, empowered, and reconnected to why I started podcasting. Let’s tap into our alignment, embrace mindfulness, live authentically, nurture our curiosity, and sprinkle a healthy dose of playfulness into our lives. 

Podcasting is not just about the numbers and business strategies. It’s about creating a space for connection, authenticity, and clarity. Trust your intuition, follow your heart, and let the conversations flow.

Key Takeaways

(01:45) The Power of Mindfulness: Amy reminds us that true growth and leveling come from working on the internal stuff, not the external.

(14:22) The Power of Self-Reflection: Amy shares how the fears we project on other people are really telling us something we need to discover about ourselves

(17:12) The Importance of Representation in Telling LGBTQ+ Stories: Lindsay reminds us that the story of LGBTQ+ folks doesn’t just end when they come out. It’s ongoing and it’s important to continue to hear these voices and stories.

(22:58) Worthiness and Confidence: Amy talks about how our ability to learn, recognize patterns, process, and make shifts that impact our confidence and how we view our worthiness as we grow into ourselves

(23:12) Finding Alignment: Lindsay stressed the importance of aligning our thoughts, actions, and values.

(33:59) Playfulness Fuels Connection: Lindsay emphasized the magic of playfulness in creating engaging environments and fostering connections. Through laughter and light-heartedness, we can tackle serious subjects and make them more approachable. So, let’s loosen up and have some fun.

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