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Recording Remote Interviews with the Zoom Podtrak P4

The Zoom Podtrak P4 Makes Recording Remote Podcast Interviews Easy.

Even the most non-techy podcasters will sound fabulous. In this video, I’m going to show you how to record an interview directly from your phone and how to record a Zoom interview using the mix-minus feature. This will also work with Skype or whatever platform you’re using to connect with your guest.

Learn two ways to record remote podcast interviews using the Podtrak P4. You will also hear samples of recordings done with an iPhone and recorded from a Zoom meeting.

You will need cables and possibly adapters that don’t come with the Podtrak P4. To connect your smartphone to the P4, you will need a 4 contact mini-plug cable. You may also need an adapter, depending on what kind of phone you’re using.

I used the lightning to 3.5 mm headphone jack adapter because I recorded using an iPhone 11.

If you’re recording an interview from your computer, you will need a cable with a USB-C connector on one end to connect to the P4. I’m using a Macbook that has USB-c ports, so my cable is the same at both ends.

The BTA-2 adapter is required to connect your device via Bluetooth.

Check out this post for an overview of the Zoom Podtrak P4 and learn why it’s one of my favorite podcasting gear recommendations.

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