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The Brassy Broadcast is where I bring the joy and share the knowledge to propel you from Launch to Legendary with tools, tactics, and processes to grow audience reach across multiple channels.

30 Brass Tacks of Podcasting Wisdom

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BB84: Unstoppable with Jennifer Magley

  Jennifer Magley is a former Division I athlete, coach, author, and spea ker.  She is also the Founder of Open Gym Indy.  Jennifer shares her insight on how and when we become unstoppable.  Mindset and Creative Flow Operating from the...

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BB83: What Happened When I Chose to Invest in Myself

Why Do We Struggle with Investing in Ourselves?   I feel like I’ve been bleeding money this summer   I’m at that place in my business where I know that if I’m going to grow, and create the life and the business I envision, I’ve got to start...

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BB82: Shawnee Kilgore

  I’m so excited to introduce you to Shawnee Kilgore in this episode!  She is an Austin, TX based singer-songwriter living a crowd-funding fairy tale. In 2014, Shawnee launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund her fourth solo album,...

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BB81: Guitars to Golf Clubs

From Girls Rock Camp to the Senior LPGA Championship at The Pete Dye Course in French Lick, IN, it’s been an exciting week of adventure and female empowerment for all ages. We break down our Championship experience in French Lick, and spill...

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BB80: Jetty Rae

  Jetty Rae talks about recording her latest album Can't Curse the Free in Nashville, choosing her producer, crowdfunding, social media, and the power of intention.   Links and Resources Mentioned Jetty Rae -...

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BB78: Producer’s Cut and Recap of BB77 Mom Knows

  In This Episode This is a companion episode to go along with episode 77.  It’s the producers cut. If you haven’t listened to that one, and you want to hear it now, without me piping in with a comment, click HERE, and you will magically be...

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BB77: Mom Knows

In This Episode   This episode is one of experimentation. Lately I’ve become more interested in narrative style podcasting. The creative soul in me wants more than just an interview show. My vision is to create a hybrid that weaves interviews,...

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