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The Brassy Broadcast is an exploration of ways we create, engage, and communicate more effectively using technology, social media, and non-traditional broadcast platforms. 

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Lisa Mitchell – The People Reader on Creating Better Outcomes

Tamara Saviano – Grammy Award Winning Producer and Author

Lita Ford

Cate Miller – The Harry Fox Agency

Jennie DeVoe – Why An Artist Needs to Understand the Music Business

Jennie DeVoe – Stop Apologizing When Charging for Your Art

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BB80: Jetty Rae

  Jetty Rae talks about recording her latest album Can't Curse the Free in Nashville, choosing her producer, crowdfunding, social media, and the power of intention.   Links and Resources Mentioned Jetty...

BB78: Producer’s Cut and Recap of BB77 Mom Knows

  In This Episode This is a companion episode to go along with episode 77.  It’s the producers cut. If you haven’t listened to that one, and you want to hear it now, without me piping in with a comment, click HERE, and you will magically be...

BB77: Mom Knows

  In This Episode   This episode is one of experimentation. Lately I’ve become more interested in narrative style podcasting. The creative soul in me wants more than just an interview show. My vision is to create a hybrid that weaves...

BB72: How I’m Growing My Audience

  In this episode I share what I've been doing the past couple of months to grow my audience for the podcast, YouTube channel, and social media. There have been some surprises along the way, including a new revenue stream!  ...

BB70: Ariel Hyatt – How to Get Out of Your Own Way for Success

Ariel Hyatt, founder of CyberPR®, shares what holds us back from success, sharing our signature stories (hint: it’s not your bio), and the power of your e-mail list. Highlights and Takeaways Growing up the daughter of an entrepreneur mother...

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