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podcast bootcamp

Feeling a little frustrated because launching a podcast has been on your “To Do” list, but you haven’t made it happen yet? Maybe Podcast Bootcamp is that little extra push you need to make it happen.

Podcast Launch Bootcamp is a week of hand-holding, cheerleading, and drill sergeant-ing to give you that extra push to get your podcast out into the world. We overcome the excuses and overwhelm by giving you the tools, technical know-how, and confidence to get started. You will have your first episode uploaded and ready to send out to the world by the end of the week!

My personal mission for 2017 is to help propel 1000 new voices into the world. We all want to be heard and feel valued. My purpose this year is to help folks by empowering them with the technical know-how and confidence to put their voices out into the world.

How Podcast Bootcamp Works and What to Expect

  • Runs the week of March 13-17
  • Put into action all of the steps necessary to record, produce, and launch your first podcast episode in ONE week.
  • Live workshops from 9-11 am EST every morning hosted on Zoom
  • Recordings available to anyone who can’t make the live session
  • Private Facebook group for discussion and group feedback
  • Daily Afternoon office hours with Jen for answering questions
  • Accountability – you will be expected to have your homework done


Podcasting Topics Covered

  • How to record your podcast
  • How to set up your podcast hosting account with Libsyn
  • How to get your podcast on iTunes and other podcast destinations
  • Getting clear on your podcast vision & purpose
  • Defining your ideal listener
  • Designing your show artwork
  • Creating the copy for your show intro, outro, and calls to action
  • Podcast workflow from pre-production to promoting your episodes
  • Creating a remarkable guest experience

The regular price when this goes live later this year will be $597

The introductory price for this Beta version is $197



  • iTunes ready semi-custom podcast artwork, and your choice of two social media banners ($75+ value)
  • Professional mix of your podcast intro and outro ($77 value)
  • Continued access to the private Facebook group after bootcamp
  • Existing month and next month of free podcast hosting with Libsyn when you use the code word BRASSY. ($20+ value)

Bootcamp is NOT for you if you’ve already launched, or you’re still sitting on the fence and not sure if podcasting is right for you. 

BOOTCAMP IS FOR YOU if you’re ready to show up and do the work to get your podcast out into the world.

Limited Availability

I’m keeping this first group small to make sure I’m available for some 1 to 1 help.  Beta Test Bootcamp is limited to a small group of 6.

Recommendations to Do/Have PRIOR to March 13th:

  • Work through the free Brass Tacks Pod-Class so you can show up with questions and first drafts, and be prepared to accept feedback and refine your drafts.
  • Use the budgeting tool in the free course to determine your podcast budget
  • Get your podcast microphone (Audio-Technica ATR-2100 is my favorite)

If you still have questions, email them to me. If you’re ready to sign up, let me know what you specifically would like to see covered.

Are you ready to rock’n’roll?


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