Podcast Consulting


We offer a variety of consulting packages to walk you through every step of the podcast creation and launch process. We hold your hand, hold you accountable, and provide post-launch support to ensure your success. Podcast Launch packages are customizable based on your needs.

Podcast Production


Focus your energy on creating your podcast. Leave the mixing, editing, ID tagging, and distribution to us. Podcast Production packages are fully customizable based on your needs.

Music & Voice-Overs


Custom music and voice-overs for podcasts, other audio content, and on-hold messaging. Podcast music library coming soon!

Custom Meditations


Create a guided series, client specific tool, or unique opt-in to grow your email list when you combine your voice with music that was composed to support your message. Click here for additional information on the process.

Do You Want to Live in the Ears, Heads, and Hearts of Your Audience?


Image of Demo Reel

Custom Demo Reel


This demo reel contains examples of custom music created for clients by Jen Edds for a variety of projects including on-hold music, podcast theme music, a radio spot, and corporate video.


Podcast Post Production

Jen performs post-production editing on these podcasts transforming them from their raw state to their final polished forms.


Jen is a complete joy to work with.

I love creating meditations and my clients love them, but I don’t have the time or desire to learn how to edit them, yet I want my clients get the best audio experience possible.

Jen has made the process incredibly simple. I just record my audio and pass it to Jen – that’s it! She then works her magic, and in super quick time she returns it to me with my voice sounding polished and music added.

The result is a meditation that my clients love, with music that’s full of soul (not the overused and often cheesy music on so many meditations).

I save loads of time and always receive an excellent service with a high quality audio. I couldn’t recommend Jen enough!

Rebecca Kane

Founder, Your SHEro’s Journey

Working with Jen has been a huge sigh of relief. I had never done audios before and Jen reassured me I could do it! She made the process simple and very rewarding. Always prompt in responding with a very quick turnaround – my audios are always back before the promised date! If there is ever anything I did not like – or forgot to add, Jen always goes above and beyond to make it perfect for me.

She just hook-lined me out of the blue with a suggestion about something I am very passionate about, but never dreamed I would be doing – meditation audios for my students and clients. The response has been exactly what I wanted from my clients –  allowing me to connect with my them on a much deeper level than I had ever imagined. I can’t imagine audios not being a part of my teachings.  

Janine Rotter


I'm ready to be heard.

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