Podcast Summary

Legendary singer/guitarist Lita Ford talks about her connection to her fans, following your dreams, having a good team in place, how to work a wah wah pedal in heels, and a cause that is near and dear to her heart.

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Show Notes

  • Why connecting with fans is so important
  • Her responsibility as a female figure in rock
  • How she defines success
  • Why she hates days off
  • The challenges of writing her autobiography
  • The mentorship of musician Dick Wagner
  • The importance of “owning” a cover song
  • Why your team has to understand your vision
  • Working with Gary Hoey
  • Lita’s brassiest move
  • How to work a wah wah pedal in heels
  • Lita’s super powers
  • Raising awareness about Parental Alienation Syndrome

Resources, Tools, Books, and Music Discussed on the Show

Stacey and Lita Guest Host Stacey Sherman and Lita Ford

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