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Stop Leaving Money on the Table


Are you leaving it up to another agent to share the most important and influential features of your listing?

How can you ensure they don’t forget something?

NOW is the time to take control of every showing and open house.



  • Rising popularity of podcasts for sharing information
  • Growing number of smart devices and speakers for consuming that information
  • Diminishing barriers to creating your own media and marketing channels


For the first time, you have the power to make sure that home features, upgrades, and benefits are consistently communicated every time your listing is shown when you create a podcast that is easily played on an Amazon Echo or other smart devices.


When You Leave a Speaker on the Table


  • Increase your income with this exceptional added value to your clients
  • Engage home buyers when you share features, updates, and vital details every time your listing is shown
  • Eliminate the competition when you use voice technology to set the scene, control the narrative, and tell the right story
  • Activate your power to be in two places at the same time


Podcasting Services and Packages for Realtors


The Brassy Broadcasting Company offers a variety of packages to teach you how to record, edit, upload, publish, and deliver your podcasts. If you prefer, we can handle the setup, recording, publishing, and distribution. You provide the scripts. We do the rest!

Check out standard packages here.

Schedule a 15-minute chat with Jen at The Brassy Broadcasting Co. when you’re ready to stop leaving money on the table.

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