Guided Meditation & Visualization Packages

Your voice is the most undervalued asset in your practice.

Guided meditations and visualizations are a powerful to way to stay connected to your clients and continue to help them reach their goals outside of your regular sessions.

Create a guided series, client specific tool, or unique opt-in to grow your email list when you combine your voice with music that was composed to support your message.

Included in Production Packages

  • Music intentionally composed to be used for meditation & visualization practices
  • Royalty Free Music license so you can distribute your meditation on a CD, as a download on your website, or video site like YouTube
  • Broadcast ready professional mix of your voice over with the music
  • Your branded artwork and ID meta data added to the file for easy identification by your listener
  • File uploaded to Dropbox in format you request (mp3, WAV, AIFF, or other) for easy distribution

The Process

  • Select a track from the music library
  • Record your meditation
  • Upload your meditation to our shared Dropbox folder
  • Your meditation is professionally mixed with your music selection
  • Your fully produced meditation is uploaded to the Dropbox in the format (MP3, WAV, or other) you specify and ready for you to share


Sample Meditation from Rebecca Kane, Founder of Your SHEro’s Journey



Jen is a complete joy to work with.

I love creating meditations and my clients love them, but I don’t have the time or desire to learn how to edit them, yet I want my clients get the best audio experience possible.

Jen has made the process incredibly simple. I just record my audio and pass it to Jen – that’s it! She then works her magic, and in super quick time she returns it to me with my voice sounding polished and music added.

The result is a meditation that my clients love, with music that’s full of soul (not the overused and often cheesy music on so many meditations).

I save loads of time and always receive an excellent service with a high quality audio.

I couldn’t recommend Jen enough!

-Rebecca Kane, Founder of Your SHEro’s Journey, energy worker, teacher, and an intuitive. Rebecca uses energy techniques to release the baggage from the past, so her clients can create a fresh start. She shows people how to reconnect deeply to themselves and move their lives forward.


Select music to support your meditation from the sample tracks below. Choose a single track, or mix and match to complete your meditation package.




Celebrate My Power

Feeling Grounded

Eye Know

Singing Praises

The Crown

All Music Composed by Jen Edds for Little Dog Music LLC. © 2016 Little Dog Music LLC

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