Welcome to my Facebook Live content creation experiment. I created a Facebook post using Facebook Live for the sole purpose of seeing how I could repurpose the content, and see how much engagement I could get out of it. Turning it into a blog post is part of the repurposing.

Creating a Podcast

I pulled the audio from the video and turned it into a podcast. Using Libsyn as my podcast host, I can distribute this episode to multiple platforms including iTunes, SoundCloud, Google Play, iHeartRadio, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

I’ve also shared the mp3 file on my Brassybroad.com blog page.

Sharing with Social Media

I’ve created a short audio snippet that I can easily share on social media using an app called clammr that will take you to the full episode with a single click if you want to hear more than just the short clip.

Next, I will create and schedule additional social media posts in Yapster, my social customer relationship management tool. I will create posts that share different versions of the content. Some posts will be for the blog, some for the podcast, and some for YouTube. Folks like to consume their content in different ways. I’m giving them the opportunity to read, watch, or listen.

Sharing with My E-Mail Subscribers

I don’t have a huge e-mail list, but you can bet that I’m going to share this with my subscribers. I will include links to the video, podcast, and the blog. Again, offering my content up in a variety of ways.¬†

I will be posting a followup with results of my experiment in a couple of weeks. Hop on my e-mail list to make sure you don’t miss the results!

How are you repurposing your content? What’s working? I would love to hear from you.


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