The Brass Tacks Podcasting Tool Kit


This self contained podcaster’s digital tool kit contains tools, templates and tactics to help you build a strong foundation to support your podcast.

It’s the next step beyond the free Brassy Broad’s Brass Tacks Pod-Class: You’re DIY Guide to Launching Your Kick-Sass Podcast. This podcasting tool kit is a deeper exploration of some of the more general topics taught in the course.

Your tool kit includes all 30 episodes from the 30 Brass Tacks of Podasting Wisdom podcast series, individual episode transcripts with links to resources mentioned, essential podasting wisdom, instruction, and templates in one convenient location…a folder you can download and have access anytime.

You don’t have to sign up or sign in to another platform, or go back into the podcast feed to find a particular episode. Everything lives in your digital tool kit.

Tool Kits will be available for download on Tuesday December 5th, 2017,


Expected Outcomes from Building with The Brass Tacks Tool Kit

  • Reduced production time
  • Less stress with an organized and streamlined workflow
  • Professional sounding podcast
  • An exceptional guest experience that will lead to podcast guest referrals


Tools in Your Brass Tacks Podcasting Tool Kit

  • 30 audio recordings from The Brass Tacks Podcasting Wisdom podcast series
  • Transcriptions from all 30 episodes with links to resources mentioned
  • Sample Templates to streamline workflow
  • Tactics to execute podcasting ideas


Topics Covered

  • Creating segments and scripts for your podcast
  • Apps and tools to improve efficiency in podcast production
  • How to select the right podcasting microphone
  • How to record mutliple guests in the same room
  • How to record guests not in the same room with you
  • Podcasting Workflow
  • How to create your podcast artwork
  • Why your MP3 file size really does matter
  • How to create a broadcast quality sounding podcast


Book Your 1 to 1 Brass Tacks Strategy Session with Jen

Get the most out of the tools in your Brass Tacks Podcasting Tool Kit when you book a 1 hour individual strategy session with Jen to learn how to use these tools most effectively to produce your show.

**Book your session before December 31st, 2017 to get the special $97 strategy session        rate and the Brass Tacks Podcast Tool Kit

Brass Tacks Podcast Tool Kit Only

Get started with the tool kit for the special price of $47

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