Jennifer Magley is a former Division I athlete, coach, author, and spea

ker.  She is also the Founder of Open Gym Indy.  Jennifer shares her insight on how and when we become unstoppable. 

Mindset and Creative Flow

  • Operating from the intentional space of creation to get in the creative flow
  • The surprising zen of John Mayer (No, seriously)
  • The vision BILLBOARD is a living document
  • What you think is an obstacle is actually guiding you to receive more from yourself


The Oprah Cruise

  • Why we love Gayle King
  • Gaining an enlightened perspective on work from the cruise staff
  • Bringing her favorite things to Oprah
  • Everything Oprah said, she’s heard from her mom over the last 30 years
  • Learning of Annie Watkins entrepreneurship and activism in Ketchikan, AK


Writing the Book

  • How female college athletic scandals differ from their male scandals
  • Writing her book Division 1
  • Exploring the shadows behind the bright lights of college athletics


Links and Resources

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Brené Brown Part 2: Living With A Whole Heart – Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations (podcast)

The Enthusiasm Enthusiast Podcast

The Unconventional Woman with Summer Martin

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