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Elle Roberts is a writer, and alchemist. Reimagining what is and creating what isn’t. She is also the founder shehive, a grassroots gender equity project.

We talk about community engagement, her work with shehive and The House Life Project, bridging the gap between thinking and doing, and how the insane ideas in the margin of your notebook become actual things.

Highlights and Takeaways

  • Finding community around the arts
  • Art allows us to engage in difficult conversations that can spur action
  • How the The House Life Project is impacting neighborhoods in Indianapolis
  • Community engagement can look like karaoke on a Thursday night
  • Artists tend to be the forerunners of neighborhood change
  • The importance of the ritual of sitting down to dinner and talking
  • How porch parties have changed Elle’s thinking around how she wants to exist in community
  • Taking a step back from something you’ve created to foster its growth
  • You can make a classroom anywhere you are
  • Your mentors don’t have to be living


Resources and Links Mentioned


House Life Project

Rabble Coffee

Ash and Elm Cider Co.


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