Laura Shanley, Founder of Periods for Politicians, shares her experience and what she has learned about navigating the waters of social media and activism.

Highlights and Takeaways

  • Starting the Periods for Pence Facebook page after becoming disgusted with actions of Indiana’s then Governor Mike Pence
  • Answering the question “What gives you the right?”
  • Using humor as a form of protest
  • Who knew there were so many euphemisms for periods?
  • The power of social media to create a movement
  • The community that has grown up around Periods for Politicians
  • Working to make our community stronger
  • The difference in community from Facebook to Twitter
  • Finding joy in getting off of Facebook for awhile
  • Why she remained anonymous for awhile
  • The challenge of accepting what you need to learn
  • Learning to be gracious when she was wrong
  • How acknowledging what you don’t understand makes you a better ally
  • Clues that you need to be listening and not talking
  • Approaching issues from a human standpoint and compassionate view

Links Apps and Resources Mentioned

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