Amy Woodall shares communication strategies to help  us get out of our own way, manage expectations with upfront contracts, and handle the drama when it shows up.

Amy is making a return visit to the show! You can hear our previous conversation  in Episode 28 – How to Not Throat Punch Your Bandmates and other Productive Communication Strategies.

We keep on t he communication track in this conversation. We relate much of the conversation to a band/artist dynamic, but the truths Amy shares can be applied to any other relationship dynamic.

HIghlights and Take Aways

  • You’ve got to have a communication strategy in place
  • Our money weaknesses
  • How our money beliefs weigh on how we value ourselves
  • Getting everyone on the same page about where you provide value
  • JOURNALING!!!! – My favorite
  • Turning head trash into something positive
  • How we act determines how we feel
  • Actions shift our attitudes
  • Fear of Looking Stupid (FOLS)
  • You need a strategy in place when presenting new ideas
  • How the DRAMA TRIANGLE works
  • Agreeing in advance on how to deal with conflict
  • Getting clear on the experience you want to create
  • How PINK turned her into a fan 

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