Podcast Summary

Social entrepreneur and cultural strategist, Erin Potts, from Revolutions Per Minute, talks about organizing the Tibetan Freedom Concerts with the Beastie Boys, why music and activism go together, and challenges artists face when supporting a cause.

Show Notes

  • A chance meeting with a Beastie Boy in Nepal
  • Inspiration from Bono and the Amnesty International concerts
  • Learning about fan engagement and concert production from her Lollapalooza experience
  • The science behind why music and activism go together
  • RPM – Creating an artist resource for activism
  • Partnering with artists to provide strategic guidance
  • Message concerts v. benefit concerts
  • Raising money & awareness outside of concerts
  • Do artists give up their right to speak out when they pick up an instrument?
  • Overcoming the challenges of creating fan engagement & awareness prior to social media
  • Building “Mom Cred” with a teenager

Resources, Tools, Books, and Music Discussed on the Show

Listen to the Spotify Episode Companion Playlist.

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