Podcast Summary

Tish Ciravolo, Founder and President of Daisy Rock Girl Guitars, talks about her entrepreneurial journey, and her mission to level the playing field for female musicians.

Show Notes

  • How 70s television stars Suzi Quatro and The Hardy Boys influenced Tish to pick up a bass
  • Playing in an all girl band on the Sunset Strip during the 80s
  • Career advice from Brian Setzer
  • The inspiration and adversity that pushed Tish to start a company that made guitars for girls
  • What happened when hotel security guards stole a couple of the first Daisy Rock prototypes
  • Changing the mindset of guitar retailers
  • What is a “girl guitar”
  • The importance of funding for a new business
  • Watching Wanda Jackson play her Daisy Rock guitar during her induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
  • Giving a Ted talk
  • Plans to grow the business and change the world

Resources, Tools, Books, and Music Discussed on the Show

The Brassy Broadcast Episode 34 Playlist

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