Podcast Summary

Life long musician Gere Fennelly talks about managing multiple irons in musical fires while currently working as a composer of film/tv music, piano teacher, studio musician, and accompanist. She also shares stories from her touring days with Redd Kross, and living in Japan as a teenage member of an all girl band.

Show Notes

  • How the Liberace-obssessed flamboyant girl survived Catholic school
  • When she knew she would be a rockstar
  • How she’s managed to always support herself playing music
  • Why she left Redd Kross
  • How she fell into teaching piano
  • How she composes for commercial music libraries
  • How she defines success these days
  • Why you can’t define better or worse with different
  • The secrets to her success

Resources, Tools, Books, and Music Discussed on the Show


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